Day 55, July 3. Perry OH – PA/NY State Line. 92 miles (4,082)


“I’m not prone to hyperbole, but I think those were THE BEST doughnuts I’ve had in my life.” – Lance Russell McAdams, July 3 2015.

Great weather makes this all fun again. Left Ohio, passed through Pennsylvania, entered New York State. Am noticebly fatter than I was this morning.

Day 51, June 29. Dublin – Delaware, OH. 41 miles (3,780)

Drive-through off licences…god bless America.

Lance spent all morning ‘lollygagging’ with his bike. He’s also assumed map duties…we got lost. Miserable ride, rode in heavy rain all day long and stopped short at Delaware – otherwise it would have been nice. Jason, Andrea, thanks for taking us in, that was a huge help.

Day 49, June 27. Carrollton KY – Cincinnati – Milford OH. 84 miles (3,623)

Put my foot down and veered off the ACA route at Glencoe heading directly to Cincinnati to catch up with Lance. Thankfully his bike has turned up.  Before turning off-route the ride was great, but the weather is grim; dark clouds and everyone’s driving with headlights on.

Lance jumps straight on the bike and we get out of Cincinnati reaching Milford. Now in Ohio.