Dear Reader..

Welcome to my blog.

Having recently cycled through the Southern regions of Chile and Argentina, I’m now looking to cycle across the United States of America.

I’m due to fly to the US arriving in San Diego this coming Tuesday 21st April. From there the plan is to cycle up the West Coast to San Francisco, before heading across the country and arriving on the East Coast in Boston. The cycle routes aren’t quite loading here, it will be some distance further, but this is the rough idea…

I’ll mainly follow a mix of these routes put together by the Adventure Cycling Association. I haven’t used their maps yet, but the guys there have been pretty helpful so far. Towards the end I may also follow the Erie Canalway Trail, but that’s all a long way off and no doubt plans may change along the way.

Links in the top menu detail the bike and equipment i’m using etc, but this blog is really just to share some hopefully decent photos along the way.

If you got this far, thanks for reading; I hope you’ll like them.