FINAL DAY, July 12. Goshen – Boston MA. 117 miles (4,804). THE END.

So here we are, Boston. End of the trip. Sad face emoticon.

My pony is making strange noises, missing a rear spoke, and the gear cable snapped 6 miles before the end. My bags are still in one piece but falling apart from all the abuse I’ve put them through. My sleeping bag smells like dead dogs and my tent is rank. I’m somehow getting fat, have developed a serious caffeine addiction, and am starting to say ‘restroom’ and mispronouncing ‘route’. Lance is having trouble accepting it, but it’s time to for me to get off the saddle.

It’s been an epic trip, I’ve absolutely loved it. Cheers to anyone who read any of this, hope you liked some of the pictures too. Anyone who signed up to the emails, sorry for the irregular bombardments – but thanks for taking an interest. Enormous thanks too to everyone I met and helped me along the way, some extremely generous people out there; the US has been incredible and most kind.

I’m now looking forward to coming home, seeing family and friends, and not having to put cream on my bum in the mornings. I’m sticking with the fanny pack though.

Take care and mucho love



Day 62, July 11. Fultonville NY – Goshen, MA. 132 miles (4,686)

Camera has sorted itself out. Big ride today, Lance is pretty happy with himself that we went further than my previous longest ride. The Erie Canal Trail ended at Albany so we now relying google maps which has been pretty decent. Entered Massachusetts, we are going to try and hit Boston tomorrow, so sadly the last day of cycling…

Day 61, July 10. Rome – Fultonville NY. 74 miles (4,554)

Late start today. Camera has stopped working as it has some condensation in it so Lance has had to put up with me moaning about not being able to take pictures. The canal trail is pretty muddy from yesterday, had a pretty spectacular fall off the bike.

Cheers to Michael for the hospitality in Fultonville.

Day 57, July 6. Getzville – Niagara Falls – Getzville NY. 77 miles

Chicken wings at Duffs, beef on weck at Charlie’s, supermarket shopping at Wegmans, Niagara Falls, and best of all visiting the Klubes. Buffalo, it’s been great.

Cheers Jamie, massive thanks to you and your parents for these last few days – a treat and v much appreciated.